Saturday, July 19th, 2008 is the 160th Anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention (The first Women's Rights Convention), during which the Declaration of Sentiments was adopted.

On Saturday July 19th, 2008, Senator Clinton's Supporters will gather together nationwide to celebrate this historic anniversary and honor Senator Clinton at house parties, cocktail parties, and public gathering places.

They will celebrate the anniversary of Seneca Falls by adopting a new Declaration of Sentiments, in unison with the celebrations happening in Seneca Falls, hosted by reaffirming their continued commitment to advocating for Women's Rights.

They will also be holding their own "Resolution Day" parties where they will adopt their own "Declaration of Resolutions" in support of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the Declaration of Resolutions.

Please join in celebration of this historic event and show your support for Senator Clinton by planning your very own Resolution Day Event!

Planning an event is easy, pick a public location (a pub, a restaurant, a park, a community gathering place) to gather Senator Clinton's supporters together in your local area on Saturday, July 19th, 2008.

Let us know where and what time your event will take place by filling out and submitting the form below, and we will list your event here on our web site and send information about your event out to various groups that we have contact with to publicize it.

Download copies of the Declaration of Sentiments and the Declaration of Resolutions right here at this website, you can find these documents under the "Declaration Link" post on the right side of the webpage.

To print a copies of the Declarations for your event, all you need to do is:

1) Save the word files you download here to a cd

2) Take the cd to your local print shop

3) Ask that the the documents each be printed on 2 pages of ivory 11" x 17" cardstock paper (we priced the printing at Kinkos and it was about two dollars to print both pages of both documents)

And, now, have the guests at your "Resolution Day" party sign the Declarations if they feel so compelled.

We will post the specifics on where to snail mail the signature pages of your Declarations on this site later this week. All of the signature pages we receive from around the nation will be bundled together here. The Declaration of Sentiments will be preserved for historical use by the Seneca 160 Group. The Declaration of Resolutions and the signature pages from around the nation will be sent to the DNC.

Submit Your Resolution Event Information Below

If you are planning a Resolution Day Event, whether is is a house party, a public gathering at a pub or restaurant, or any other type of event, please submit your information below and we will post it to this main website to reflect the various events happening nationwide!

If you are having a house party and do NOT want to invite the public at large, please still submit your event for inclusion. Don't worry, we will ONLY include on the website the information "House Party" along with your city and state. Also, we will NOT publish anyone's email to the website or share it without their express permission, we simply ask for an email in case we need to contact you for more details.

We do suggest you plan to have your event at a venue open to the public so that all of Senator Clinton's supporters in your area can attend!

Have a terrific Resolution Day!!!

Who We Are

The creators of this website are two loyal Clinton supporters, we are not a non-profit organization, or a PAC, but just two private citizens who have a background in grassroots political organizing.

We are also the creators of the blog, which we are using to coordinate Senator Clinton's supporters throughout the United States to plan actions in Denver and nationwide during the Democratic National Convention in August.

Please visit to become involved with the August actions.


The Declaration of Resolutions found on this site was based upon a declaration authored by Anna Belle P that can be viewed here:

Anna Belle's declaration was modeled on the Declaration of Independence, authored by Thomas Jefferson, it can be viewed here:

We obtained Anna Belle's express permission before revising her version--Thanks Anna Belle!

We also must give huge credit and thanks to Thomas, whose express permission we could obviously not obtain, but who we hope would approve.